Our Achievements

Our field is quite large. We can state it in four categories:
NEW, OLD, CONCEPTION (including realization) and SERVICE.


    We realized stone building sites

  • traditional rubble-stone masonry walls
  • traditional rubble-stone masonry walls with concrete casing veils
  • mixed walls (stone and concrete)
  • Réalisation de calades en pierre
  • Réalisation d'ouvrages en pierre de taille (encadrements, chaînes d'angles, corniches etc...)

    We realized Concrete building sites

  • realization of foundations, tie beam, beams/poles, raw stripping solage walls or coatings (hand made only)
  • realization of straight and curved concrete stairs
  • realization of small fitting out masonry work like window boxes, concrete furniture (benches, bins) and other things
  • Nous réalisons aussi des bassins mêlants béton et pierre ou carrelage selon projet.
  • Revêtement de murs et sols (carrelage, Ardoise, Terre cuite, pierre).

Ô Trois Ilet

Sur le morne

Entre pierre et mer

Ô François...


Several restoration pieces of work have been made since the creation of the company CUBE, for example for some distilleries, schools, churches,farms and private people. Our work mainly consisted in renovating stone buildings and construction works (sandblasting, hydro-sandblasting, hydro-scrubbing, masonry, coulinage, coating, joints …) realized with lime.

    We also realized:

  • some concrete construction works coming as a structural reinforcement often hidden under the stone
  • some big demolition work ( covering, framework, stone walls)
  • structural repairing underpinning
  • underpinning in stone masonry to create doors
  • replacement of wood bearing lintels
  • floor reinforcement
  • concrete walls repairing


Distillerie JM

Eglise de Ste-Luce

Eglise de St-Esprit


Quite early, the wish to create (study / plans) and realize a creole structure in the neo traditional style as it is called, came to us.
Our first project consisted in the realization of a small cabin mixing tradition -as regard to its size, the materials used, the aspect and modernity for its comfort and for the fitting out.
We also created and realized the outdoor fittings out (patios, decks, window boxes etc…)
At the moment we are working on a second project which is more important and more complex.
A two-level building which wooden framework would lie on a structure mixing freestone vault, rubble-stone masonry and concrete.
To come, the creation of a landscaped undergrowth garden.




We currently have several realizations of scaffoldings (buildings, secondary schools, temporary galleries and others).

Coring and sawing

We realize coring and sawing work in stone walls and concrete veils. Some pieces of work have been done at private houses but also on industrial or at risk sites ( airport, power plant, secondary school).

sandblasting and hydro-sandblasting

We do sandblasting work, hydro-sandblasting and hydro-scrubbing on all types of bases: stone, concrete and metal but also on all types of boat hulls.

Tub rental

Tubs available 2m3- 8m3