We created a company called CUBE because we share a common passion for structures, the restoration of patrimonial edifices and for the Caribbean archipelago in general.

CUBE is the link between these three axes. CUBE, Created in December 2012 is a company from Martinique which specialises in the service of edifices and building heritage. We are now marking ten years of collaboration within diverse companies. With our solid and vast experience in main works, traditional masonry, stone cutting and scaffolding. We will undertake any kind of project big or small.

We are eager to work towards a strong partnership with future professionals of the sector and we often participate in diverse construction projects. Our collaborators are all qualified in renovation and traditional construction work and have been working together for ten years. The CUBE team is fully trained in the assembly and use of scaffolding. Our employees are full holders of CACES for the operation of building machines. The bulk of our work is all carried out from within the team and from time to time we call on external suppliers when necessary.


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The cube is representative of solidity. It is the only one of five solids of Platon, having exactly 6 faces, 12 edges and 8 corners.
Its other name is " regular hexahedron ".

Vincent Vergez

He obtained his ''Brevet Professionnel Construction Maçonnerie Gros Œuvre'' ( CMGO) in 1999. This new accolade and his interest in the stone cutting gave him the undeniable will to learn the profession. He then left his job as chef de chantier to become a pupil stone-cutter in a company near Saint-Emilion, specialized in restoration of Ancient memorials. He pursued his dream by undertaking two years of dedicated training in Brevet Professionnel at the FCMB of Libourne (33). It was in 2002, on one of his construction sites, that he met Florian Manière. The desire to travel and hunger to discover new things urged him to travel farther and he went on to obtain the position of conducteur de travaux in Martinique for a spell of six years in the restoration of the patrimony. It was a natural progression for Florian to join him. Their common passion for the building profession, the Historic restoration of Monuments and a friendship of 10 years had lead them to a new project - “Creation of the CUBE” - a new company set up in 2012.

Florian Manière

Florian Manière grows up in Marseille with the project to become an architect. At 16, he gets his first experiences on the ''construction site'' in the company ART DOMUS and works with Vincent Vergez.

Adding to his vast experience that has been acquired through years of construction he has also been trained in the art of masonry and roofing.He obtained his high school diploma in 2004 and then decided to pursue a future in masonry, balancing work and study between Federation Compagnonnique Des Metiers Du Batiment and Domosud.

Although he filled the posts of technician and foreman on key construction sites he has decided to pick up tools again with a hands on approach. With years of experience under his belt he makes for an unbeatable skilled worker as well as a strategic team leader. In 2010 he was placed in charge of the renovation of Villas for SMBR and was personally invited to take up this post by Vincent Vergez, foreman of this Martinique company. Driven by passion he embraced this challenge to create the ultimate collaboration called CUBE